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About Us

College Rites is owned by startup company, The College Kids, as part on the 2009 Innovation Challenge at Mississippi State University. The owners and designers are students Daniel Herrington and Christina Young.

Daniel Herrington, the Technical Expert for the College Kids, is a senior in electrical engineering. He has experience in developing Windows Mobile applications, programming in C, C++, Assembly and VHDL, and physics and mathematics especially when applied in programming. He possesses an imaginative eye for the market, is creative and innovative when dealing with consumers needs and has a great understanding for the wants and needs of CR target market. As Technical Expert, he oversees all coding and program logic, including the actual design and full implementation of program functionality. He is the paid developer of the application.


Christina Young, Business Analyst, is a graduating senior in chemical engineering. She has experience in market research and a strong understanding of legality in business matters, ethical behavior and team management. She is very skilled in organizational matters such as scheduling and time management and possesses a high level of attention for detail. As Analyst, she will manage all business plan and marketing objectives, including segmentation, industry patterns, sales analysis, project management, and team coordination. She manages accounts receivable and payable for the College Kids.