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February 2, 2010

Southeastern Conference iPhone app lists college traditions

JOEY FLECHAS, Alligator Writer

Die-hard Southeastern Conference fans have a new way to satisfy their appetites for histories and traditions.
The College Kids, a company started by two Mississippi State University students in an entrepreneurship class, has released a new iPhone application called “College Rites,” which features a checklist of more than 50 traditions from SEC schools.

The app, which costs 99 cents, has been out for two weeks. More than 40 have been sold, with 18 selling last week.

Co-owner and co-designer Christina Young, a chemical engineering senior, said the idea came from a trip she took to Auburn University for a football game.
She didn’t understand the tradition surrounding Toomer’s Corner, a street corner where students hang rolls of toilet paper from two trees after an athletic win.
She saw the need for the information to be easily available.

“It’ll provide a good database for people to look at and learn about the different schools,” Young said.
The app allows people to search a database of SEC school traditions and histories, and it gives users the option of posting YouTube links and pictures of themselves completing the traditions.

Users can also rank their favorite traditions and post smack talk on a message board.
“The message board will promote a spirit of rivalry,” Young said.

UF advertising junior Jessica Keys said she liked the idea but wouldn’t get the app unless it was free.
“It’s more for the students who are really into going to the away games,” she said.